MyTime is the leading cloud-based Appointment Scheduling, Point of Sale, and Customer Engagement solution for enterprise businesses who need to win in an omnichannel world.

Providing in-store services is the #1 way to bring customers to your stores and fight the Amazon effect.

Our cloud-based, modular appointment scheduling and point of sale solution empowers multi-location retailers to reach and engage customers where they can be found online today: Google Search, Bing, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and your own web and mobile properties through customizable white-labeled online booking widget and APIs.

MyTime’s online booking integrations bring up to 25% more appointments and more than half of these appointments are incremental, and wouldn’t have happened otherwise!

We don’t stop with appointment booking. We also enable tokenized credit card payments to eliminate Omnichannel payment friction, 2-way text messaging to facilitate communication, and advanced clienteling tools to engage the right customers with the right message at the right moments.

Our White Label Solution is Built for the Enterprise

Robust APIs for integration into existing mission critical systems

Single Sign-On (SSO) login management

Service Level Agreements for uptime and security

Role-based access controls and audit trails

White label solution

Location management & store groupings

Modular and Configurable

No two businesses are the same. You can choose from MyTime’s modular product components to create a customized scheduling, POS, and customer engagement platform. If you already have something you like, we’ll integrate into your existing solution. If not, we’ve got you covered with ours.

White Label Solution

MyTime is a white label solution enabling your branding and colors to appear throughout the consumer and staff-facing portions of the product. However, we maintain a single, unified code base so you’re never orphaned and are always on the latest release. Off-the-shelf software never felt so custom!

Rapid Deployment

MyTime is completely cloud-based so there is nothing to install on computers and our powerful mobile apps for your staff can be downloaded through the app stores or distributed through your Enterprise Mobility Management system.

Robust APIs

Extensive and well-documented APIs make it easy for your developers to integrate MyTime into all of your mission critical systems with minimal effort.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Our SAML-based Single Sign-On lets employees login from any web or mobile device using their existing usernames and passwords. We can even provision users automatically by ingesting a feed of hires, terminations, and role changes.

Custom Roles and Access Permissions

It’s simple to setup roles and access permissions. Roles determine who can view or edit data by store location or regional grouping. It even works for call centers who need to access schedules and client records for any location in real-time.

Audit Trails with Time Stamps

When you have hundreds or thousands of employees, audit trails are necessary to manage the business, ensure consistent customer experiences and prevent loss or theft. Actions in MyTime are logged and recorded so you can see who did what and when.

Mobility and Multi-Device Compatibility

MyTime can be accessed through the web browser or iOS/Android connected devices. Untethering your staff relieves bottlenecks at busy workstations since staff can book appointments, manage client records, message clients, and checkout customers from virtually anywhere in the store.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Mission-critical services need enterprise grade SLAs for 99.9% uptime, response times, and customer support. All of these come standard in our enterprise agreements.

Scalable For Any Size Business

MyTime utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to serve and host its application to thousands of businesses and millions of monthly users. We are in multiple availability zones and will autoscale servers during traffic spikes. In addition, the application is containerized to eliminate single points of failure.

Secure, Safe, and Compliant

Security is always top of mind for enterprises who are managing appointment schedules, client records with personally identifiable information (PII), and processing credit card transactions.

All data transfers in MyTime use bank-grade encryption (SSL) and your data is encrypted at rest. If you process credit card transactions, we keep you out of PCI scope. We’ll even segregate your data into its own database.

IP Locking prevents off-site access

Depending on your business needs, it may be desirable to limit access to MyTime to just users currently on your network. We let you whitelist network IP addresses to prevent access to MyTime’s web and mobile apps outside of the store.

Enterprises today need the right analytics and reporting tools to identify trends, manage performance and improve operational efficiency.

We offer advanced, yet easy to use reporting tools to provide staff and management with insights into past and future revenues, operational & staff productivity, customer behavior, and attribution for quick ROI calculations.

Location Management

MyTime allows you to group together locations for regional or divisional reporting, and to control access to stores in specific geographies.

Analytics & Reporting That Provide Actionable Data

Every enterprise today needs the right analytics reporting tools to save on costs and improve efficiency.

We offer advanced, yet easy reporting tools to provide enterprises with insights into past and future revenues, operational & staff productivity, customer behavior, and marketing attribution for quick ROI calculations.

Dedicated Team for Implementation, Onboarding, and Account Management

Although its highly configurable and easy-to learn, we offer a dedicated and experienced implementation & onboarding team to make sure MyTime is configured optimally and your data is migrated properly. Our product trainers can prepare custom training materials for business managers and staff.

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