Announcing… MyTime is Now Available on Android!

February 10, 2015


MyTime is officially available on all major platforms! We’re excited to announce that the MyTime App is ready for download through Google Play. MyTime’s raving fans have been asking about it for awhile and we’ve done our very best to deliver another awesome app. So a big welcome to Android users! You are now able to book an appointment with any appointment-based business – anywhere, anytime.Androidscreens

To tell you more about the Android app we decided to sit down with one of our rockstar developers, Faisal Alqadi, and ask him 5 questions about the MyTime Android app.

Question (MyTime). In your opinion, what is the best part of the MyTime Android app launch?

faisal(Faisal) We’ve wanted to break into the Android market since the inception of MyTime, but we haven’t been able to simply because of all the great features we’ve been building on the website and our iOS app. When we got word that it was time to build it, the development team was really excited! We’re confident it’s going to make millions of lives easier.

Q. Can you walk us through the steps it took to develop the app?
We used a tops-down approach in building the app. First, we began with creating the list of features that people already loved from the iOS app. We also asked ourselves important questions like “What do we want the app to look like?” and “How can we make it run as smoothly as possible?”. After that, we worked to optimize it from the user’s perspective.

Q. Were there any unique challenges to creating the app?
The process took hard work but went smoothly! One challenge that is inherent in developing Android apps is optimization for screen size. In iOS you only have to customize it for 3 sizes: the iPhone, iPad, and Mac experiences. For Android, there are many more options and we wanted to make sure all our users – no matter what device they were on – had the best experience possible.

Q. Anything you wish you could change about the app?
You know, I’m very happy with the app. It’s fast, smooth, and we’re getting great reviews now on Google Play. I personally had a lot of time and effort invested in this and I believe if you do it right, an app can be beautiful both in how it operates and looks. However, we’ll continue to improve and make our app even better every day.

Q. As a developer, what is your favorite feature of MyTime?
Of course I’m biased – I love so many features about MyTime. At the most simple level, I love the fact that we give small business owners the ability to easily build and grow relationships with customers through MyTime. We’ve been able to facilitate these relationships through technology, and I think that’s pretty unique to MyTime. We also have a lot of developments in this area coming soon – stay tuned!

MyTime for Android is now available for free on Google Play and the Android Market.

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