Introducing MyTime Payments

June 22, 2015


Business owners: MyTime Payments allows you to easily accept credit card payments for all your appointments. Clients can pay using any credit card – including American Express – all for the low credit card processing fee of 2.50% + $.30 per transaction.

What else can you do with Payments?

  • Include charges for any additional services performed during the appointment
  • Add a tip post-appointment
  • Accept payment from your computer, or on-the-go using the MyTime Scheduler app

MyTime Payments is easy-to-use:

STEP 1: Once the appointment begins, you’ll see a “Take Payment” button when you click into the appointment from your Scheduler tab. 





STEP 2: Add any additional services tips, or other charges and the client’s credit card. Note: The card number will be securely saved in MyTime for next time. There’s even an option to email a receipt to the client within MyTime Payments, too!



STEP 3: After an appointment is charged, you will see a summary of the charges and an option to provide a refund to your client (and include a refund receipt).






Here’s an example of what a receipt might look like for a charge and for a refund.


Have questions about using MyTime Payments?  As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience Team if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Reach us:

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