MyTime Now Integrates with QuickBooks Online!

April 8, 2016


We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated with QuickBooks Online to save you hours of work keeping track of your financials. Starting today, merchants with access to MyTime POS can “Connect to QuickBooks” with just one click from their Settings page. Any transaction then completed on MyTime POS will automatically appear in QuickBooks.

Before starting, we recommend you read this overview of how we match MyTime data with any existing data you already store in QuickBooks.

Connecting is easy!

  1. Visit your Settings Page and Click “Connect with QuickBooks”

  2. When prompted, Authorize QuickBooks to connect with MyTime

  3. You’re set! Your client, product, and service data should be synced and any transactions in MyTime will now show up in QuickBooks Online!

Don’t currently have MyTime POS, but are interested in learning more? Email, call us at 1-888-423-1944, or Request a Demo today.

Happy Bookings!


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