New Feature! Customize Your Client Records with Intake Forms and Waivers

April 14, 2016


Merchants can now use Custom Fields to create Intake Forms and Waivers. This feature is super useful for helping merchants collect additional information prior to booking an appointment or for protecting merchants from liability resulting from negligence.

1. Link to the Intake Form Builder is found under “Clients” tab.



2. Click +Add Field to create a Custom Field. You’ll be able to create a field name and select among the following field types: dropdown menu, date entry, short text entry, list, checkbox, or paragraph.


3. Select the box of the custom fields you want shown during the booking/checkout process. Any new field you create will instantly show up on all of your client records.



Furthermore, merchants can create Waivers from the Intake Form page.

  1. Click +Add Field, create a Custom Field and choose “Waivers” as the “Field Type”.




  1. Once the consumer signs the waiver and completes the booking process, the waiver is available for download under the client record.



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