New Features: Customizable working hours, new payment options, and more!

August 7, 2015


We’re excited to tell you about three features to help you do more with MyTime. You can now customize your working hours by day, take credit card payments for any appointment, and let your clients choose whether to pay online or in-person!

Customize Your Working Hours by Day
You can now change the hours you work on a given day, and it will be instantly reflected in your online schedule. Use this feature to quickly add new times that your clients can book through MyTime!

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Here’s How:

1. Sign in to your MyTime Scheduler and hover over the time you want to make available for online booking. Click on the “Hours” option.
2. Specify which staff members or locations the change applies to.

MyTime POS
Now you can take advantage of MyTime’s low 2.69% credit card fee on all your appointments! You can easily take payment in-person, as well as add charges for additional services and products.
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Here’s How:

1. Open any appointment (either online or on the MyTime Scheduler mobile app) and tap “Take Payment”.
2. Add any additional charges and enter the client’s credit card details. Tip: use the Scheduler app to quickly scan the credit card number using your phone’s camera!
3. Tap “Charge” to complete the transaction. You’ll have an option to email your client a receipt, and the card will be on file for the next visit.

New Payment Option: Pay Online or Pay In-Person
Now you have the option of letting your clients choose whether to pay online or in-person for their appointment.

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Here’s How:

1. Go to My Account and click on the “Online Payments” section.
2. Make sure Online Payments is Active and then check the box to “Let customers decide”.
3. When a customer next books with you on MyTime, they’ll have the option to pay online or in-person. Remember: customers paying online will only be charged the day of the appointment and you’ll receive your payment via direct deposit (recommended), check, or PayPal.

Have a product feedback or question? Contact us at or (888) 423-1944.

Happy Bookings!
The MyTime Team

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