New Features: Introducing Direct Deposit and more!

April 2, 2015


Business owners: We’re so excited to announce a whole suite of improvements and features requested by you. As always, we appreciate your feedback!

Check out these new features:

1. CHOOSE whether to accept payments on MyTime

For the first time, we are letting you choose whether or not to allow clients to pay through MyTime. Why have your clients pay through MyTime? This is convenient for your clients and also allows us to enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. But, the choice is now yours!

To change your payment settings, visit the Settings page on your Merchant Dashboard.

2. Lower credit card processing rates

When a client uses their debit card or credit card (even AmEx), you only pay 2.5% + $.30/transactions for credit card processing. Lower fees = lower cost to running your business!


3. Get paid via direct deposit

It’s finally here: You can now receive payment for services booked on MyTime directly into your bank account.

To set up direct deposit, visit the Settings page on your Merchant Dashboard and enter your Account and Routing numbers. If you prefer, you can still get paid via PayPal or check.









4. Promote your entire business

Beginning today, when you activate Promotion on MyTime, it’ll promote your entire business! What does Promotion include?

  • More visibility: We rank your business higher on MyTime browse & search results
  • Free advertising: We advertise your profile on Google, Facebook and more – no money out of pocket
  • Happy hour specials: Use Off-Peak Pricing to discount your hard-to-fill appointment times
  • No upfront costs: We charge a commission on the first appointment of a new customer – that’s it!

To activate Promotion, visit your Merchant Dashboard and click “Activate”.












Have any questions? Our team can be reached in a number of ways:

  • By email:
  • By phone: (888) 423-1944
  • By chat from any page on

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