New Feature: Tipping via Text

August 11, 2014


Need to leave a tip after the service but don’t have your wallet? We’ve got you covered.

Many of our customers have told us they love paying online through MyTime, but still find it a hassle to leave a tip after the appointment. You either have to bring cash, or ask the business to run your credit card just for the amount of the tip.

We heard your frustrations and are excited to announce a new feature: You can now tip via text message after any appointment booked and paid for through MyTime!  We’ll also be adding a tipping feature to our iPhone app shortly if you’d rather enter it in that way.

Here’s how it works:

MyTime - Tipping 1-2-3

MyTime will add the tip to the price of the service you purchased and make sure the business gets paid. You don’t have to do anything more than reply to our text message. And added bonus: no more moments of panic when you don’t have cash in hand for the tip.

So, how much should I tip?

We turned to our friends at Business Insider for some guidelines on how to tip for some of our most popular services. Remember, there’s no golden rule to tipping, but staying within these guidelines will keep your stylist/masseuse/etc happy:

Tipping guide                                                                                 

Haircut (male cut / barber): 15-20%

Haircut (female cut): 15-20%

Manicure or pedicure: 15%

Spa services (waxing or facial): 15-20%

Massage: 10-15%

Dog grooming: 15 % (But tip a little extra if Fido is especially filthy!)


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