As a Franchise Executive at Sydnee’s Pet Grooming, Manish Adhiya is responsible for ensuring franchises– and their owners– are set up with the right systems and processes to ensure scalability and uniformity.

Most franchise owners know how to be successful in one location, but many struggle when it comes to duplicating their success. Manish oversees and manages franchises to ensure they are as profitable and successful as possible. Manish helps brands implement marketing structure, strategy and planning, improve business development operations, and optimize revenue– all so that the businesses meet their growth goals.

“When I worked with Sydnee’s, it was not only looking at existing processes in place, but also looking at the franchise side, and how we could grow it,” said Manish. The team at Sydnee’s also wanted to understand which franchises were doing well, which ones weren’t, and why.


Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Marcos, CA

Benefits of MyTime

MyTime’s modular cloud-based solution empowered Sydnee’s Pet Grooming with seamless 24/7 booking that includes an integrated system of client records, staff management tools, and analytics reporting to track the productivity of service staff and locations.

“I’ve completely gotten our staff out of the minutiae of day-to-day operations”

– Manish Adhiya, Managing Director



Although individual Sydnee’s branches were seeing success, there were issues with existing processes that made it difficult to expand.

The team at Sydnee’s was using a variety of systems, but they didn’t integrate together, which caused cumbersome challenges for the staff. The lack of integrates also had negative effects on the customer experience, as double bookings were common.

[grey_box]“Every day, the staff was having to pull things from all these systems, and managers wound up spending 3-4 hours per day doing paperwork.”[/grey_box]

Here were the challenges Sydnee’s faced:

  • Too many systems that didn’t integrate. “When it came to booking and managing appointments, Sydnee’s was using four different vendors, and they didn’t integrate very well,” said Manish. “Every day, the staff was having to pull things from all these systems, and managers wound up spending 3-4 hours per day doing paperwork.”
  • Time-consuming to calculate commissions. Additionally, Sydnee’s struggled to figure out how to calculate commissions. “Honestly, our single biggest hurdle was figuring out the commissions for each groomer,” said Manish. “The owner was spending at least an hour and a half every day managing tips.”
  • Inability to compare franchises. In order to grow the franchise side of the business, the team needed insights into how individual franchises were doing. It was difficult to get meaningful insights with the current fragmented system.

Because of a lack of integration between systems, staff members had to manually enter online bookings into the calendar. This was inconsistent, and often times, groomers would get double booked, leading to a poor customer experience. Without a good integrated in place, it was also difficult to grow the franchises.


Solution & Results

The challenges for Sydnee’s were obvious, but what was the solution? “We came across a MyTime booth at a show and thought ‘Wow, this is this is going to work,”’ said Manish.

Manish worked hand in hand with Nat and Kim Srisark, founders, executives, and the franchisor of Sydnee’s Pet Grooming to develop a MyTime implementation that would give them the tools they needed to improve processes at individual stores, and then duplicate those improvements across locations.

[grey_box]“With MyTime, I can see if one store is not doing as well as another store, and why that might be.”[/grey_box]

Here’s what made Manish and his team at Sydnee’s choose MyTime as their solution to online booking:

  • Integrated solution. The MyTime solution is fully integrated, providing virtually everything a Sydnee’s location needed to manage appointments and customers. This makes things much easier on staff, improving the quality of service they can offer and saving significant time. “I’ve completely gotten our staff out of the minutiae of day-to-day operations,” said Manish.
  • A system of record for tracking customer needs. With MyTime, Sydnee’s gained a system of record for all of their clients. Instantly, a staff member can access a client’s complete history, making it easier to offer the right services at a high quality.“With MyTime, we have a central place to put all the information about our customers,” said Manish.
  • Automated commission calculation. MyTime can automatically calculate any commission type, and as soon as an appointment is booked, the staff knows exactly what the commissions are. For Sydnee’s, automated commissions resulted in massive time savings. Franchise owners spent significant amounts of time calculating commissions and creating reports. MyTime freed up one hour and half each day, just by automatically calculating commissions.
  • Visibility into customer loyalty. The key to growing a business is increasing customer lifetime value, and MyTime gave Sydnee’s tools to connect with loyal customers. MyTime not only helped Sydnee identify which customers come back for repeat visits, but also gave the team the tools to proactively reach out to these customers via phone or text message, increasing the frequency of visits.
  • Reporting and analytics on franchises. Before the MyTime implementation, it was tough to analyze franchise performance. “With MyTime, I can see if one store is not doing as well as another store, and why that might be,” said Manish. MyTime allows Sydnee’s to analyze individual franchises and compare them against each other.

Franchise businesses continue to be robust. According to The International Franchise Association, the industry marked its seventh consecutive year of positive growth. Personal Services and Retail Products and Services are the franchise types leading the way with 2.3% and 1.7% growth respectively. In order to increase customer loyalty, gain a competitive edge, and ultimately increase profitability, franchises like Sydnee’s are turning to fully integrated online booking software.