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New Feature: Take Online Bookings Directly From Your Business Website

February 11, 2016

Taking bookings from your website is the best way to make scheduling convenient for your clients. By allowing your customers to choose services, select staff, and even pay without having to call or email, you make your business that much more attractive to new and repeat clients. Starting today, we’re excited to introduce an even […]

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Learn How Owner of Killdeer Barber Shop Received over 1,160 Appointments Through MyTime

November 9, 2015

From a young age, Kasha spent lots of time watching her father cut hair in their home. Occasionally, he would take her with him to a barbershop, where she fell in love with the atmosphere: the positive people, the great conversations, and even the smell of the products. Since joining MyTime 9 months ago, Kasha […]

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Learn How Perfectly Done 4 U Generated $34,400 in 4 months Thanks to MyTime

Jovan started her career in the beauty industry opening a staffing agency for haircare professionals. “I have always been interested in hair and how it comes in even more shapes and colors than the human race.” Since joining MyTime 4 months ago, Jovan has accumulated 193 online bookings, received 111 unique clients, and generated a […]

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Learn How Body & Spirit Massage Drove 700+ Online Bookings in 8 Months Thanks to MyTime

November 5, 2015

At a young age, Erin had to get a vertebrae removed. Trying everything to alleviate the pain, her mom took her to get a professional massage. While studying at college, she realized her own talent for massage and used it to help pay her rent. From then on she knew her calling! Since joining MyTime 8 months ago, […]

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